Imps put out Hi-energy rock

By Gorin Cik

Today's obscure bar bands and studio musicians are the beginnings for the future of rock n' roll. Tomorrow's rock n' roll lies in the future of musicians such as Frank Soda, John Lechausseur, and Charles Towers, who together form a band known as The Imps. Their performances are an indication of a future in which rock 'n'roll will live forever.

The Imps are led through the arrangement of guitarist-vocalist Frank Soda. He started in Vancouver as a studio musician when he was 18 and there he participated as a back-up guitarist in dozens of albums.

THE IMPSDuring this period he assembled a number of bands and at the same time performed in concerts as a back-up guitarist. He gained noterioty for his versatility in handling various instruments and group arrangements.

As a result he was offered a chance to play in a band called Thor.

"I still have close ties with Thor and we're all great friends but at the time I wanted to start my own project."

Three years ago Soda and drummer John Lechausseur picked up bassist Charles Towers and began performing. Frank Soda recalls that beginning. "We played everywhere, strip joints, high schools, anything we could get our hands on, but we enjoyed it. Besides, every band has to go through the same thing.

When asked if he had ambitions of making it, he smiled and said: "Sure, if success comes I'll take it but that's not the main purpose. I make a living playing rock 'n'rolI and I have fun while on stage. At the same time I'm hoping to create a good time for everyone here."

Their good times atmosphere is shown through their music and performance. The key to the Imps' success is speed, versatility, stage show and a dazzling display of raw energy, all of which are combined to make good old rock 'n'roll sound like a new act.

The visual experience is enhanced with a stage show of strobe lights and electricity lit helmets worn by Soda.

"I have a conscious feeling for the audience because I know what it's like to be a fan. That's why I play Zepplin and other old favourites. "I want them to relate to the music. The same is true for the light show. I want to give that little bit extra."

Soda gives that extra bit in the raw energy he produces with his flying leaps off stage and high kicks. The Imps credibility is also proven with original cuts such as Beginning, Break the Ice, T.V. People and Keep the Customers Satisfied, a song which exemplifies their attitude - towards their audience.

The Imps and their producer Bob Connolly will release an album recorded live at the Picadilly Tube called Live at the Tube sometime next month. They also have plans to tour Canada and hopefully the United States in the future.