RPM Magazine - November 3, 1979

Imps at large with Tube Records debut

RPM LOGOToronto's Tube Records have just recently become a reality both on vinyl, as well as on paper with last weeks release of their first piece of product, The Imps, Recorded Live at the Picadilly Tube. The label was designed primarily as an outlet for up and coming artists to showcase and record their material before a live audience, capturing the energy of the moment. As an appetizer, Tube records have acquired national distribution of their product through J.C. Enterprises in the east and Laurel Records in the prairies and on the west coast. Tube Records was conceived and is headed by Robert Connolly, with Gary Stevenson, manager of the Picadilly Tube (a Toronto rock club); Larry Wilson, producer and CHUM-FM personality; and Frank Soda, Imps lead guitarist/vocalist completing the partnership. The new label plans to tape live material by roughly one band per month and as with The Imps' recording, all forthcoming tapings will take place at the Picadilly Tube using mobile recording facilities, with Connolly and Wilson co-producing.

Wilson hints of future surprises the label is concocting, and feels the Tube projects will, at the very least, produce some very impressive demos that artists can use to land more lucrative deals, and at best, a hit record.

Because the venue and production requirements are handled through Tube Records, the resulting LP's can be put together for relatively little cost, with the savings passed on through a lower list price. In fact, The Imps hope to turn a profit on their venture by offering the LP during a concert tour across central and western Canada, that will eventually bring them back to their Vancouver base. That tour began in North Bay October 22 and will wind through Thunder Bay, October 26, Winnipeg, October 29 to November 3, Brandon, November 5-10, Calgary, November 12-17, Edmonton, November 19-24, and Vancouver, November 26 to December 1.