Bargain Hunter, Toronto, Vol 11, Number 47

Toronto's Bar Bands

By Paul Budra, Staff Rock Columnist

FRANK SODAThe Imps. The best heavy metal band in the city, maybe the country. Led by Frank Soda, a guitarist of frightening versatility and speed, this trio combines frantic and catchy original tunes with such outrageous stage props as bleeding guitars, and tv set helmets. Its all done tounge-in-cheek, not only are they devoid of the cosmic presentations of bands like Rush, they avoid the macho strutting and lip pouting that are the earmarks of just about every other band in town. But they are active on stage; both Soda and bassist Charles Towers spend more time in the air than on the ground. Not only that, but their sound man is one of the few in the city who keep the instruments at humane levels and actually let you hear the vocals. Soda is the first to admit that he's providing exactly what the customers want and hopes to branch into other musical fields once he has the financial resources. This week, look for their new album, (you guessed it) Soda Pop.

Rating: Sensational; big league material.