Soda is "electric"

By Treble and Klef

For months the name Frank Soda has been mysteriously popping up. While on a publicity tour of Orangeville and surrounding areas, we stumbled across "Gee Willikers Dining Lounge" where once again his name was flashed before our eyes. At that time, we decided that destiny had finally caught up with us and made a conscious decision to meet this man face to face.

Frank is a well-seasoned nightclub performer and a bizarre and unusual entertainer. We, at once, realized why "Clevelend" had expressed their desire to us to include him in their lineup of star impersonations.

FRANK SODAAfter producing no less than four albums with his own company, Frank has decided that, after all this time, he wishes to synthesize his work into a new group named "Frank Soda and the Pop Tarts." "We want to stay fresh," claimed Soda. Along with this change Frank has decided to return to his roots and set up shop in the British Columbia, Wonderlands where he grew up as a child with composer Jim Vallance. It is here that he plans to work closely with Sam Feldman and anticipates a demo release in about three months.

Frank's new back up band "The Pop Tarts" consist of three highly talented female rockers: Tessa Kimmel - vocalist and bass guitar; Kathy Miner - guitar and vocals; and last but not least Tiz Dirinzo, who delivered an absolutely staggering drum solo proving she could be a serious threat to any of the current live show performers.

In point of fact, any one of these three possess the talent to rival our top musicians. "Gee Wlllikers" came alive to the sounds of "Beginnings," an original composition, merged with the incredible expertise shown on his "Roland" synthesized guitar. As he "crab-walked" across the stage we thought of Pete Townsend who would love this man's kicks and Gene Simmons who would die for his licks.

Unfortunately, because of the current move back to B.C. many of Frank's stage props were in packing boxes. However, this did not stop him from treating us to a few of his outrageous tricks, from flaming pig hats with electric bulb eyes surveying the audience to a "glowing" rendition of Jimmy Hendrix' "Purple Haze" a la Electric Cowboy. We expected it from Liberace, but Frank Soda is a flasher with Viking horns.

Although Frank is still looking for something a little different, we have no doubt that the "lunacy" (fun) will remain.

After completing an engagement in Thunder Bay Frank is going "west young man" on a tour that will eventually lead him back to the mountains and the sea.