"Junk food" band heads west

By John Kendle for the Sun

On the surface, one would think that soda and pop tarts are the late night 7-11 junk-food dream of some bad-complexioned, long-haired teenager with red-rimmed eyes.

FRANK SODA & THE POP TARTSWell, that's not quite the case at the Osborne Village Zoo this week as hard-rocking bar-band guitar king Frank Soda showcases his new band, an all-girl trio known as the Pop Tarts.

Currently working his way out to his hometown of Vancouver, Soda is, as always, hyped about his new project, especially in light of the plans he has up his sleeve.

"I intend to take this show out west and settle there," said Frank at his mile-a-minute pace, "Some people have expressed interest in getting involved with a studio project on the coast, and it may be soon that you see a new Frank and the Pop Tarts LP.

"I wanna get the girls (drummer Tiz Direnzo, bassist Tessa Kimmel and guitarist Kathy Miner) completely involved in every aspect of the new material."

While the Sodaman waxes enthusiastic offstage, onstage he's up to the same crowd-pleasing gimmicks as ever. His exploding pig and TV headgear still elicit squeals of delight and Frank obviously takes pleasure in hanging from the rafters, doing Hendrix solos one-handed.