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FRANK SODAYou probably don't have to go half that far to see Frank Soda and the Imps. Once again they are on a string of endless one-nighters, and lead guitarist/vocalist Frank Soda couldn't be happier. "I like to get a crowd that's into what I'm doing on stage, that's why I prefer the bars. I don't want it where people are out there going "This is all bullshit." If I can get enough positive people to fill a big place, great, but right now I'm not into the hockey rink scene. I was like that ten years ago, but after a while you gain your satisfaction from the people.

The Imps colourful stage show has always been an essential part of their torrid act, and every night the audience is left begging for more. The fans are turned on by his outrageousness and Soda in Turn, gains his energy from their response. Whether it's the giant T.V. screen or camera perched on his shoulders, the flashing Christmas lights that adorn his bald head or the loud explosions that break up the songs, there is never a dull moment.