Winnipeg Sun - Friday August 24, 1984

Soda crackers in performance

By Mitch Potter

There's a smarmy grin plastered on the Soda Man's face as he climbs onto our table at the Zoo with his tongue hanging down to his knees.

Slowly he blazes a twisted path through the room, stepping from table to table while playing some deft lead guitar.

Back on the stage, the Imps are chewing gum ferociously and carrying a torturous rhythm beat of bass and drums.

Frank Soda finishes the solo with a flourish of raunchy feedback, then reaches for the ceiling rafters with both hands and swings ape-style for all he's worth.

It seems only fitting that Soda is clad in a body-suit studded with about 200 flashing lights.

Earlier in the set, he was wearing zebra-striped spandex tights with a TV set draped over his head. Before that, it was a flashing jack-o-lantern helmet.

And for a finale, it was a glowing plastic pig strapped to Soda's head, complete with huge electric eyeballs an a joint (it looked more like a cigarette to me) in the pig's pipe/mouth, on which the gonzo guitarist smoked solo while singing It's High Time.

If Soda hasn't electrocuted himself since that Monday night spectacle, he'll be pulling the same stunts at the Zoo tonight and tomorrow (and at the Black Knight all next week).

And if Soda weren't such a great rock guitarist - albeit fairly traditional hardrock fare - we'd take delight in calling his bluff and exposing him for the gimmicky, show-off jerk he is.

But show-off jerks have always made the more mundane, serious rock fare a little more bearable.

It's not serious, but it's certainly an eyeful.