Tuesday June 10, 1980

TV Faced Frank a visual medium

By Fiona McQuarrie, The Vancouver Sun

What can you say about someone who wears an exploding television set on his bead?

Only that the radio audience for Frank Soda and the Imps' Monday night show at the Savoy must have wondered what all the fuss was about.

FRANK SODAThe cheering and whistling that punctuated the show was not inspired by the music, but by the visual effects. Something exciting was needed, because if the Imps just got up on stage and played tbeir music the radio audience would have heard loud snoring.

The most original song the band does about the Mississauga disaster, entitled Toxic Takeover. There are admittedly very few songs about Mississauga. But apart from that, the music was standard three chord bar band heavy metal.

What kept the show going was the gimicks the band employed. Besides the above-mentioned TV set, which produced ear-thumping roar in the confines of the Savoy, Soda, seen in some of his incarnations left, wore a boiler suit bedecked with blinking lights. For a little ditty entitled Oversexed and Underfed, he donned a visor with F___ Me written on it. Good thing he was on radio and not TV.

And even if the music is dull, Soda and the Imps (bassist Peter Crolly and drummer John Lechesseur) pump it out with great energy. Soda reportedly uses trampoline to work on his jumps; he leapt madly across the stage and onto the dance floor, and sometimes hopped on the tables.

By the end of the hour-long set, the shaven heads of all three musicians were glistening with sweat. They finished, with High Times, which is about it being time to get high.

Well, even if they're not too profound, they're okay to watch.